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Currently writing and editing for online lifestyle and educational publications, “the word” has now become a tool I use to connect both reader and the subject in an intimate and authentic way. With most publications currently being interviews, it is my intention that the people I interview feel honored and respected by the quality and care with which I share their stories, and readers feel honored and respected by the way I use words to exemplify and amplify their experiences. Yet, whether writing interviews, movie reviews, personal essays or poetry, writing is used as a tool to inspire and inform. I invite my readers to read closely and thoroughly, to immerse themselves into both the content and context of my writing, to instigate them to explore new ideas and lens through which to witness them. As a richly poetic and academic writer, I invest in the transformational impact of language. My goal is to be an agent of change through the narratives made available.

In my tenure as educator for over a decade, I have worked across many platforms—as public school teacher, college professor, instructional coach and educational consultant—to support students’ successful literacy practices, as well as foster and facilitate best pedagogical practices in classes and across schools. Being on the frontline as both teacher and mentor, as well as coach and consultant to principals trying to implement systemic support and change, my work has been in supporting systemic best practices to achieve success.

I situate writing as “personal excavation,” using writing to investigate the boundaries and margins, exploring creative possibilities.  To this end, writing this blog is my way of digging deep into topics that move my heart, challenge my thoughts, and (hopefully) spawn new ideas and actions for us all.  After writing poetry and essays for decades, sporadically sharing them in small venues, I started this blog in 2011 to venture into a larger world.  Projects I am working on include writing profiles of “movers and shakers,” expanding opportunities to write for online publications, publishing both a collection of poetry and essays, and (eventually) completing a novel fusing jazz and narrative.

I am seeking new opportunities to write for online and print publications, particularly in media and education, and receptive to consulting and collaborative opportunities in supporting schools and their stakeholders.



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5 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. I saw you on Twitter stating you had over 7000 views now and visited your blog. Great job! I love supporting my Black sisters, especially those whove accomplished so much.
    Writing IS such a beautiful thing.

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