Predictions for Oscar Sunday by “keyfilmfan”


Guest Blogger “keyfilmfan” offers his predictions for this year’s 2013 Oscar nominations . . .

First of all, I want to thank my wife for allowing me the opportunity to guest blog as she continues to rest after delivering our second child. She then added that I can talk about any topic I want. Any topic? Wow, I feel like I’ve been given a blank check and a pen. Here we go.

I do miss the times when I can just grab my keys, jump in my car and drive to anywhere I want to go. The place I found myself the most when I had free time was at the movie theatre. Nothing beats the experience of seeing a film on a big screen in a sold out auditorium.

Nowadays, it is pretty tough to separate myself from my infant son. In 2012, my wife and I went to see a grand total of three films. Not just any three films, but highly conceptual, highly anticipated, commercial blockbusters: Marvel’s Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises and Skyfall. I’m thankful I got to see three, but if I was allowed to see only one film last year, it would be Skyfall. I am maintaining a decades long tradition of going to view every James Bond film at the movies since Moonraker in 1979.
While we are on the subject of Bond, every true James Bond fan should know by now that this Sunday, history could be made at the Academy Awards.

I haven’t been this excited about the Oscars in years. I cannot wait to see the great Adele belt out the Skyfall theme and then return to the stage minutes later to accept her Oscar for Best Original Song, a first for a James Bond tune. Then, the ceremony will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the film franchise. I will get to see a cool montage of classic Bond film clips. Most of all, if all egos are set aside, I may get to see for the first time ever all six actors who portrayed Bond appear in person, standing front and center, side by side, gleaming with pride, looking out at the rousing standing ovation coming from the audience. I am confident this will happen. If it does, well… I may just cry.

Oscar Sunday is just days away, and I am ready to predict the winners. Let’s face it; you don’t really need to see the films in order to know who will win. As we’ve seen in Oscar’s past, the best picture doesn’t necessarily win Best Picture. The winners are picked based on the hype currently spreading through the media and the mighty marketing campaigns that’s been taking place on my TV screen ever since the nominations were announced.

Here are two of my favorite campaigns. Academy voters are mad as hell that Ben Affleck was shut out of the Director’s nomination and they are not going to take it anymore. Translation: Agro will win Best Picture. Next, the people behind Silver Linings Playbook are pushing the fact the Robert De Niro has not won an Oscar in 32 years. Has it been that long? Well, this movie legend is overdue to win another one.

As a long time viewer of the Oscars (by the way, if you run into someone who claims they are movie fanatics but they never watch the Oscars is lying to you), one thing is consistent: the movie with the most Oscar nominations usually wins the most Oscars. Since this year is a horse race, Lincoln, who has the most nominations with 12, will not walk away with a boat load of statues. In years when there is no runaway hit, the Academy likes to share the wealth. Here is how it will break down.

Lincoln – 12 Nominations, will win 4; Directing, Actor, Adapted Screenplay and Production Design
Life of Pi – 11 Nominations, will win 3; Cinematography, Original Score and Visual Effects
Les Miserables – 8 Nominations, will win 2; Supporting Actress, and Makeup and Hairstyling
Silver Linings Playbook – 8 Nominations, will win 2; Actress, Supporting Actor
Argo – 7 Nominations, will win 2; Picture and Film Editing
Amour – 5 Nominations, will win 2; Original Screenplay and Foreign Language Film

As for the other categories:
Original Song – Skyfall; Animated Feature – Brave; Sound Mixing – Skyfall; Sound Editing – Skyfall; Costume Design – Anna Karenina; Documentary- Searching for Sugar Man; Documentary Short – Inocente; Animated Short – Paperman; Live Action Short – Asad

Let me know if you agree with my picks or if I’m way off the mark.


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